Stay safe in Tallinn

Tallinn is a pretty peaceful and non-violent place but like many other cities, it is unavoidable to have some dangerous parts within the urban surroundings that must be avoided by newcomers or those who are not too familiar with the area. When traveling to Tallinn in Estonian, you need to know at least some of the basic safety precautions to take while in the city if you want to have a memorable and enjoyable stay. 

Places to Avoid
Tallinn is a big city and newcomers can easily get lost here and then find themselves in shady areas of the city. When touring the city without a guide, it is best to keep near tourist attractions that are in close proximity to your hotel. Experienced travelers that have been to Tallinn suggest to keep away from Kopli cape in the section of Põhja-Tallinn due to the number of junkies and pickpockets that roam the area. At night, avoid the parks and other open spaces with fewer people.

Drinking in Tallinn
If you come to Tallinn not to drink, it is best to avoid the night spots in the city. A lot of people from nearby cities and countries often come to drink in Tallinn during the weekends, especially Fridays and Saturdays because beers and other alcoholic beverages are much cheaper in Estonia. Especially during stag weekend, people can get too rowdy sometimes and most of the time, drunk people think it is fine to hassle other people.

Taking a Cab in Tallinn
If you did not book a return transfer service on your visit to Tallinn, make sure you only use the yellow Tallink taxis. Particularly when you are at the airport, some of the unaccredited taxis may cheat you by giving high fare rate compared to normal rates for local passengers. If possible, you can ask a local Estonian to provide you with contact numbers of reliable taxi companies that only charge the local rates.

Avoiding Ethnic Tensions
Although Tallinn is the capital of Estonia, it is also home to more than 150,000 ethnic Russians which is more than a third of the city’s total population. Most ethnic Russians have a propensity not to speak the Estonian language and celebrate their own holidays on different days. These kinds of actions often spark tension among Estonian and the ethnic Russian so it is better to avoid these conflicts when possible. On the surface, Tallinn may seem like an orderly and peaceful city. But after you understood their history and culture, you will see that there is an underlying tension between different ethnic minorities that will only become evident after you talk to some locals.

Pickpockets in Tallinn
All major cities have its own shares of pickpockets and hustlers and Tallinn is not spared from them. While touring the city, make sure that all your valuables are in sight. Do not put your pocketbook or money clip behind your trouser. Instead, it is best to carry a small, inconspicuous body bag where you can put in all your belongings. Do not flash your money around because pickpockets will definitely follow you around in no time. Bag snatchers are also common in the city so make sure you hold on tight to your valuables when walking around the city. Do not get distracted by the wonders you see around you and pay attention to the people around you. When you are in Tallinn, it will not harm you if you will take some healthy precautions just to make sure your stay in the stay will be as memorable as you hoped it would be. There is no reason to make your Tallinn holiday a horrible experience just because your wallet is stolen while touring the city. There is no harm in taking precautions because it will dictate how much you enjoy the city during your weekend getaway in Tallinn.