Day activities

Outdoor Go Karting

If you thought that outdoor go-karting would be a nice bit of fresh air and the chance to blow away the cobwebs from the night before then you really do have to think again...

Outdoor Go Karting | The Weekend In Tallinn

Outdoor Paintball

Have you ever experienced the thrill of shooting paintballs with your friends? On your weekend, include the Paintball with 200 Balls in your list of activity and we will make sure you will have the best time of your life!

Outdoor Paintball | The Weekend In Tallinn

Quad Biking

If you love the thrill and adventure of quad biking, you definitely should not miss the Tallinn Quad Biking Experience. Tallinn presents a wonderful quad biking session that will certainly complete your fantastic weekend.

Quad Biking | The Weekend In Tallinn

Shooting Is My Job

The Shooting Is My Job Package is a fun but safe way to test your firing skills using four different firearms models with the help of a professional instructor. All these are unique based on their type of ammo, level of firepower and shooting accuracy among others.

Shooting Is My Job | The Weekend In Tallinn

Indoor Go Karting - Grand Prix

Allow us at Weekend In Tallinn to provide you the experience of adrenaline pumping action when you book our Go Karting Grand Prix Experience Indoor. Enjoy the thrill of riding a world class indoor race track in Estonia you can only experience in Tallinn.

Indoor Go Karting - Grand Prix | The Weekend In Tallinn

Husky Dog Sledding

No need to travel to Russia’s Siberia or to Canada’s north to enjoy the thrill of a dog power when sliding on a crunchy snow, feeling the frosty air freezing your eye brows. Six kilometers long track, Introduction to the Siberian Husky breed with your personal English speaking guide.

Husky Dog Sledding | The Weekend In Tallinn

Ice Skating

Visiting Tallinn even during winter season can still be as fun and electrifying if you know just the right activity to have when you get there.

Ice Skating | The Weekend In Tallinn
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Create Your
Own Package

Have a fun filled day indoor karting with your friends and enjoy the best pub crawl and strip clubs at night. We are at your disposal and we guarantee to provide all these adventures for you. Create your own package that is all inclusive of exciting nightlife tours in Tallinn’s best pub district. Experience hours of guided pub crawl with visits to top four pubs in the area.

Get unlimited access to Tallinn’s best lap dance and strip club and enjoy unrestricted nightclub entry with cue jump. No more waiting in line for hours just for you to be able to enter one particular nightclub.

<strong>Create</strong> Your <br> Own <strong>Package</strong>

Night activities

Casino Night

Start your evening with a BANG and find out if your luck will hold up at one of the biggest and most popular casinos in the city. Gather your friends and make sure you have your lucky shoes on because we have arranged a fantastic Casino Night for you and your buddies.

Casino Night | The Weekend In Tallinn

Guided Bar Crawl

Allow Weekend In Tallinn to organize your bar crawl and we will make sure to have a great list of some of the celebrated and remarkable bars and pubs in the city where you can enjoy Estonia’s local brew with your friends.

Guided Bar Crawl | The Weekend In Tallinn

Night Club VIP Entry

For the best, most memorable night out in Tallinn, we have prepared something for you that is simply the best option for a perfect eekend. We will arrange a VIP entry for you and your group to one of the best night clubs in the city.

Night Club VIP Entry | The Weekend In Tallinn

Strip Club VIP Entry

When you book this activity with us, we will arrange a VIP entrance for your group to one of the finest lap dancing club in the city where you can enjoy the sexiest, most beautiful strippers and lap dancers you ever imagined.

Strip Club VIP Entry | The Weekend In Tallinn

Steak & Strip Dinner

We guarantee you to have a full night of adventure when you include Steak and Strip Dinner to your weekend activities. Prepare yourself for three days and two nights of fun and excitement in Tallinn while enjoying the best things the city can offer.

Steak & Strip Dinner | The Weekend In Tallinn

Russian Dinner

If you are not the adventurous type but you want a bit of the extraordinary on your taste buds, allow us to introduce to you the Traditional Russian Dinner. A full tummy is good way to start your night especially when booze and women are involved

Russian Dinner | The Weekend In Tallinn

Ultimate Bar Crawl

If you are wondering what to do with your weekend evening in Tallinn and where to get the ultimate entertainment, allow us to arrange it for you. Bring your friends to Tallinn and let them experience the Ultimate Bar Crawl

Ultimate Bar Crawl | The Weekend In Tallinn
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Weekend packages

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Airport & Hotel

Our transfers provide accessible pick up and drop off points to all our guests. You can choose your own pickup point which is right up the road where private and public transportation typically pass by or you can opt for a more popular place where almost anyone knows how to get there.

Experience the exciting activities in Tallinn and we will make sure to make it as convenient as possible as soon as you arrive with our return transfer offering.

Nothing makes a vacation getaway as hassle and stress free than having a ready transportation to pick you up and bring you to your destination as soon as you disembark from your airplane.

Airport & Hotel <br> <strong>Transfers</strong>

In Tallinn

When you book any event with us, we guarantee to provide you the best accommodation option available for your group. Tallinn is popular for its array of three to five star hotels as well as other accommodation options that is suitable for the clientele’s taste. Tallinn has a wide range of overnight and weekend stay accommodations.

We are proud to inform that these standards are guaranteed to abide by the existing EU certification standards for the said industry.

Book your accommodation with us and we will make sure you to have the most wonderful weekend stay in Tallinn.

<strong>Accommodation</strong> <br> In Tallinn