Terms & Conditions

We/us "Weekend In Tallinn"

The term "the event" pertains to any and all accommodations, holidays, activities and events functions that our company had organized or promoted/advertised.

The term "You" pertains to the person who signed the booking form and is to include all the anyone whose behalf you may have signed on.

"Supplier" refers to any person or company providing any portion of the event.

"Price" refers to the event's total cost.


Terms and Conditions

The agreement that exist between you and the company is regulated by the existing terms and conditions but not including alternative terms and conditions as well as any existing laws that this may violate. Any terms and conditions that are stated here is not valid unless the written contract is duly signed by the company representative and yourself.

Contract's Formation

The contract between us and you will not be valid until we have received your deposit payment and sent you the written confirmation regarding your payment. Confirmation by us may be sent through email which will inform you that we have already accepted your booking with us.

Lead Name

Regardless of any activities, packages, events, accommodations or transfers you booked with us, the leading name in the contract will be held accountable for collecting the total balance payable associated with the booking and protects Weekend In Tallinn from any losses or costs obtained from any person included in your group who failed to pay. The lead name of the group must make sure that all persons part of the group are made aware of the terms and conditions of the contract they are bound to abide by. The lead name of the group will also be the one in charge for completing the online guest list of which they are to do on behalf of all persons included in the booking. It is implicitly implied that any person who booked with use through email or telephone accepts and agrees to the terms and conditions we maintain.

Payments and Deposits

At time of the booking, all required deposits are payable; the payment balance is divided into several stages as follows:

·         As per our terms and conditions, all payable deposits during the time of the booking are non - transferrable and non - refundable.

·         Another non-transferable non-refundable deposit must be paid within five weeks or thirty five days after the initial deposit is received.

·         The remaining balance must be paid no less than six weeks or forty two days before the event's/activities scheduled start date. A 10 EUR charge will be applied per person included in the booking if payment has not been made by this time.

·         In the event that required payments have not been made during the stated due dates, it is to be deemed that you have cancelled your bookings with us.

·         The deposits we require are used as contractual agreements between you and the company. All deposits are non refundable. All payments can be made using any valid Credit or Debit Card. You can also pay through PayPal or authorized online bank transfer. You will be notified if a price increase is included.

·         All payments through Credit and Debit cards are subjected to a surcharge of 2.7% of the total price of any transaction.

Our Cancellation

Any or part of the event may be cancelled by us due to the following:

·         When safety concerns arise due to weather conditions that we or our suppliers consider to be harmful and detrimental. Any varied concerns that we cannot overcome that will compromise your safety may also lead to cancellation of your event;

·         Your event can also be cancelled if you we believe, within justifiable reason, that you and your group have the potential cause destruction or harm our company's reputation or that of our suppliers' or to cause damage to the property of any of our suppliers;

·         The inability of our supplier to host your scheduled event for whatever reason beyond our control;

·         If the event is deemed too costly or impractical because of the changes you may want to included in your booking;

In some cases wherein an entire event is cancelled, we assure you that will make to the best of our ability to have the event rescheduled. Save as stated above, we are to be under no legal responsibility with regards to event termination, postponement or cancellation.


Your Cancellation

As the Group Leader and representative for your group members, you reserve the right to cancel any arrangements on behalf of your group members. In the event you want to cancel or withdraw a part of your entire booking, you can do this any time within forty two days before the start date of your weekend package. However, refunds will not be made for monies already paid for the booking.

Within the forty two days before the start date of your event, if the entire or a part of your party are to revoke the booking you made or if we have the right to believe the booking is cancelled as per the Booking Conditions, a cancellation charge will be imposed on the shown scale within the table found within clause D1. The levies listed on the table have been based off of the projected cost acquired with canceling the bookings created for you as well as the expenses and deficits likely to be incurred on our behalf as it turned out that we are not capable of reselling the package you booked. If a person within your group is unable to attend for whatever reasons, their slot can be transferred to another person or anyone whom you may suggest and who we find acceptable and subjected to the stated terms as follows:

·         You must provide us in writing the complete details of who is not to attend and who you wish to attend in their stead. The said information must be received a minimum of seven days before departure.

·         If the change can be made, you are required to pay amendment fees as stated in clause C1.7 including any additional costs that may be incurred in making the change.

·         Any person replacing another must agree to the Booking Conditions as well as to any supplemental requirements applicable to the booking before the change is finalized. In the event that the full cost of the travel arrangement is required to have been paid beforehand during the time of the request for changes, the full cost must be paid first before the finalization of the requested change.

·         In the event that you are not able to fill the place of a group member who cancelled their booking, you may be required to pay for additional supplements with regards to your booked accommodation like single supplements or under occupancy.

·         If you are to cancel, you are still liable to pay the required amendment charges, which will have taken place before the cancellation including any paid deposits to pay for any pre-booked services or items.


Cancellation Charges:


Over 42 days:

What you are to receive in the event that a Significant Change is made by us:

·         Only return of deposit

What you are to receive in the event of our cancelation:

·         Only return of monies paid

Cancellation Charge in the event of your cancellation:

·         Retention of any paid monies


Ranging between 42 and 7 days

What you are to receive in the event that a Significant Change is made by us

·         Paid monies returned in connection to the affected arrangement of the significant change

What you are to receive in the event of our cancellation

·         Only return of monies paid

Cancellation Charge in the event of your cancellation

·         The complete price for every group member who cancels


Under 7 days

What you are to receive in the event that a Significant Change is made by us

·         Paid monies returned in connection to the affected arrangement of the significant change

Provision of an Event Failure

If, as a result of any events or circumstances that are way out of our control, we are not capable of providing an event as a result of incidents like closure of the premises or event location, termination of trading, change in management within the part of the supplier, etc.; we will provide your group with an alternate event. If an alternate event is not possible, you will get a full refund of the cost of the cancelled event.


If your booking is inclusive of an accommodation, the accommodation mentioned will remain privy to Weekend In Tallinn until the receipt of the secondary deposit is completed along with the written confirmation from the service provider. The types of rooms included in the booking can be dormitory style, quad, triple, twin or single, including either en-suit or shared bathroom facilities. The location of your booked accommodation is to be considered centrally located by our good judgment. If ever you are not satisfied with the location of your accommodation, we will try our best to move you to another accommodation that better suits your taste. However, you will still be held liable for cancellation fees that may be incurred during the process including price increases as well as 50 EUR administration charge.


Unless stated otherwise, most accommodation bookings are not inclusive of breakfast. The breakfast meal you are to obtain is to be confirmed once you arrive to your accommodation. To book meals from restaurants, the group leader may be required to complete a pre - order. This is to be accomplished and returned to either the restaurant venue or to us, whatever is necessary. If ever the pre-order is incomplete, we will not be held liable in regards to undelivered / not provided meals or delays to provide your meals. However, we will make sure to the best of our efforts to meet any particular dietary requests to please any group member, but completion of these requirements cannot be assured. We will not be held liable if ever any of our suppliers find themselves not capable of fulfilling these requests. We accept absolutely no responsibility for the late arrival of your group.

Surcharges and Alterations We Apply

As it turned out that conditions we are unable to control cause us to replace an alternate supplier or substitute event (accommodation included), you will be informed about these circumstances as soon as possible. You will be liable to pay the supplementary cost incurred due to any such change. In the event that these changes are, according to Weekend In Tallinn, considerable enough to significantly change your itinerary or event and you find yourself not willing to continue with them, you have the right to cancel your booked event and receive a refund of the event's cost.

 Surcharges are applicable when an event has a minimum number requirement of participants and your group failed to meet the minimum required number. We will accept no liability if this leads to the cancellation of the event, and substitutes are possible to be offered of higher or equal price depending on the event. If the value goes beyond that of the previous event, you will be required to pay the price difference. If the group's final number is odd, a single supplement surcharge is to be applied when the event or booking (accommodation included) is dependent on number.

Changes You Made

We will make sure to accommodate all rational changes requested by you for your booked event. We will facilitate these requests and not the service or event suppliers and must be made in writing by the group leader. You are not to consider these changes to have been accepted not until a confirmation in writing is sent to you. If you want to change the number of participants, the request must be made six weeks before the event's start date. After that date, any amendments or changes are to be charged 50 EUR administration fee for every person included in the event. Any changes with regards to arrival and / or departure dates and changes in destination are to be subject to administration charges. It is not to be assured that any changes in prices will be pro-rate, but this is to depend upon whatever arrangements we find ourselves able to arrange with the suppliers we have. Subject to the agreement we have in writing, you reserve the ability to transfer the booking you made onto someone who lines up with all applicable conditions regarding the event.

Obligations You Hold

You are expected to conduct yourself in a civil, responsible and safe manner at all times; act in accordance with any and all instructions provided; codes of practice and policy provided by our suppliers or us; make sure your conformity with any age limitations our suppliers may require; make sure your conformity with every arrival time, as well as appropriate dress codes for all events. If these responsibilities are violated in any form, we reserve the right to restrict or call off any part or the totality of your event, and in the case of those conditions, you are not to be allowed to oblige us to provide you with a refund. You are to take our appropriate insurance concerning your needs (this includes delays about events that involve travel over air, sea or land) prior to the event.

Obligations We Hold

We are to make sure that our skills and reasonable are put to use when arranging your events as well as conforming with all the laws and policies to your event. If possible, we will rather reschedule your event instead of cancelling it or offer you refund when the conditions are appropriate. All photographs used on the website or in literature including quotations that are sent to you by us are utilized for marketing purposes only and do not necessarily always represent the totality of the actual products and or services you are to receive.

Feedback from Customers

If any issues arise on your booking, you are asked to contact whoever is appropriate at your most convenient and earliest opportunity. If there is no compelling reason for you to have ignored reporting the said issue to the appropriate people, we will not be liable for your complaints. If such issues are unable to be settled on your satisfaction, you are to write to us within the seven days preceding your event's conclusion. Beyond this stated time period, no complaints are to be accepted and we have the right to believe that you are satisfied with every aspect of the event and services. Correspondence will be accepted within twenty eight days and we will make an effort to handle the complaint as quickly as we possibly can manage.

Free Place Promotion

In some cases where a "free place" promotion is offered, a free place is to be provided upon both parties for one group booking as long as each booking complies with the required minimum numbers declared on the exclusive booking and paid the total price for a person. Both groups are required to pay the complete cost (this is based on minimum requirements) for the promotion to be applicable.


This agreement is to be interpreted to comply with all existing Latvian laws. This said, Latvian courts are to have exclusive jurisdiction in dealing with any dispute that may come up between our suppliers or us, and you.

Weekend In Tallinn Price Matching Promise

The price matching assurance we maintain has been based on every part of a booking matching the same parts of the weekend quoted from a competitor, with enclosure of accommodation's star rating, choices for activities, on hand menus, travel dates and number of persons included in a group. This is only valid prior to the booking you make with us.

Changes Regarding the Terms and Conditions

It is likely for us to make changes to the terms and conditions. However, these changes will only be made by us and not by any sort of third party member. The right is held in reserve for us to enhance or modify the terms and conditions, and we are not obliged to notify you before doing so. In crucial conditions to make changes, you will be sent a copy that states the changes. All reservations must follow the terms that have been modified, not including reservations that have already been made.

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