3 Star Budget Hotel

When you are visiting Tallinn for a weekend away, all you need to have is a comfortable place where you can enjoy a relaxing night after a long and tiring night out with your mates. Aside from guaranteeing that you will have comfortable bedroom to rest on, the hotel is also ideally situated within a walking distance from the historic Old Town.

3 Star Budget Hotel | Accommodation | The Weekend In Tallinn

3 Star Hotel

Enjoy higher level of comfort and better amenities with our 3-star hotel accommodation. These hotels have been chosen to make sure you get the best accommodation while you are in Tallinn. We negotiate directly with the hotel management to make sure you get the best prices possible.

3 Star Hotel | Accommodation | The Weekend In Tallinn

4 Star Hotel

You are guaranteed to enjoy a good night’s sleep when you opt for a 4-Star Hotel accommodation. For starters, the ultra - posh bedding will definitely freshen you up in the morning not to mention various world class amenities at your disposal. The bathrooms are state of the art with either a shower or bathtub and a complimentary hair dryer.

4 Star Hotel | Accommodation | The Weekend In Tallinn


Visiting Tallinn is an experience you should not miss. Estonia, particularly Tallinn is fast becoming one of the hottest destinations for the weekenders and there are plenty of tourist hot spots to visit here and wide range of activities to enjoy.

Hostel | Accommodation | The Weekend In Tallinn

Your own accommodation

If you have other plans for your accommodation, we offer you the opportunity to choose your own accommodation and we will gladly arrange it for you. Perfect weekend destinations like Tallinn can offer not only excellent attractions and activities for you to enjoy but also a range of accommodation options that will really complete your visit to Tallinn.

Your own accommodation | Accommodation | The Weekend In Tallinn