Tallinn Getaway Weekend

On your weekend away, allow us to arrange everything for you and let you experience how to have a real party in Estonia! With our Tallinn Getaway Package, we guarantee you to have the most memorable three days and two nights of your life.

Tallinn Getaway Weekend | Packages | The Weekend In Tallinn

Paints And Party Weekend

Our Paints and Party Weekend Packages is an ideal activity perfect for bigger groups of stag weekenders. This type of activity is guaranteed to provide the best thrill you can ever experience during your stay in Tallinn. Experience half a day of action while running around the paintball camp and shoot up to two hundred paintballs with your mates. It will be ridiculous if you will not feel the thrill and excitement of a convincing but simulated battle with your friends.

Paints And Party Weekend | Packages | The Weekend In Tallinn

Tallinn Full Throttle Racing

At night, we’ll make sure to get you from the race track to the best Eastern European night life with transfers included so you can celebrate your success without hassle. Enjoy a fully guided pub crawl in the city with the help of our local girl who knows the best place to go. This is the time where you must save your real game face especially when the lap dancing starts.  Don’t show just yet how much fun you are having because you have a full night of bar crawling and night club entry ahead.

Tallinn Full Throttle Racing | Packages | The Weekend In Tallinn

Motor Paintball Weekend

Enjoy a new stag weekend experience in Tallinn with our Motor Paintball Weekend. This is like a Mad Max style paintball war you never experienced before where you can shoot paintballs with your friends while riding on a modified pick-up truck with mounted huge, dual tank paintball gun.

Motor Paintball Weekend | Packages | The Weekend In Tallinn

Steaks And Strippers Weekend

Tallinn has a good number of popular steak restaurants that have really stood the test of time. Most of the local favourites in the area represent the real steak dining experience in Tallinn and have continued to establish repeat customers over the years. And for that, we want you to have the best steak dinner while you are with us.

Steaks And Strippers Weekend | Packages | The Weekend In Tallinn

Beer, Babes and Bullets

Enjoy a BIG stag weekend in Tallinn at a very affordable price and book this package with us now! This mind blowing all - inclusive package will leave you enthralled all through your weekend in the city!

Beer, Babes and Bullets | Packages | The Weekend In Tallinn

Stag Yachting Weekend

Enjoy the most a new kind of stag weekend and relish the luxurious experience you are about to get with our Stag Yachting Weekend Package. We will not allow you to simply sail with your friends because we have arranged for you to be with the company of the most beautiful and exotic stripper while sailing on a state of the art yacht you only dreamt about before. This package is scheduled for three days and two nights and by the end of you weekend in Tallinn, you will definitely be wanting for more.

Stag Yachting Weekend | Packages | The Weekend In Tallinn

Ultimate Demolition Weekend

You may have watched a demolition derby and witnessed how drivers smashed their cars with another but have you ever wondered how it feels like to be the one driving the demolition derby car? We make sure that this will definitely be the ultimate deal for you and your friends once your stag weekend commences.

Ultimate Demolition Weekend | Packages | The Weekend In Tallinn