Visiting Tallinn is an experience you should not miss. Estonia, particularly Tallinn is fast becoming one of the hottest destinations for the weekenders and there are plenty of tourist hot spots to visit here and wide range of activities to enjoy. Because of its well developed city infrastructures, popular tourist destinations and natural surroundings, Tallinn has become an enticement for tourists to visit Estonia. With all these fine destinations, one thing you should be concerned about is how you can get an affordable yet equally comfortable accommodation from hotels within your weekend destination.

Booking a quality Tallinn hostel within the city center is the most perfect option for your weekend. Not only will it provide you better access to various attractions within the city but this also provides clean and comfortable beds without sacrificing affordability. This is situated just two minutes away from night spots in the Old Town and has very affordable rates.

A hostel accommodation is perfect for all groups going to Tallinn. You do not need to spend lots of money for a hotel room because you will only be using it for short hours especially when you have lots of activities booked for your weekend in Tallinn.


  • Bed in the dorm room
  • Great Location
  • Shared Facilities
  • On-site Bar
  • Breakfast For an Extra cost


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from € 25 per person

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