4 Star Hotel

You are guaranteed to enjoy a good night’s sleep when you opt for a 4-Star Hotel accommodation. For starters, the ultra - posh bedding will definitely freshen you up in the morning not to mention various world class amenities at your disposal. All the perks of staying in a four star hotel are worth the money and if you want style and luxury, this is definitely for you. Each room has complimentary kettle and a standard safety deposit box for your valuable items. The bathrooms are state of the art with either a shower or bathtub and a complimentary hair dryer.

4-Star hotels in Tallinn are popular for its state of the art facilities and world class service. Staying at a Staying at a 4-Star Hotel in Tallinn is always a great experience and wise choice because it puts you in the middle of actions and exciting activities in nearby areas. Aside from boasting a well situated location, there are also tons of perks and privileges offered by the hotel which you can enjoy particularly when you are able to choose the best accommodation package offered for your stag weekend. With all these perks you can enjoy, start your planning your stag weekend today and enjoy all the wonderful things Tallinn has to offer not to mention a world class accommodation from a 4-star hotel that greatly values their customer satisfaction.


  • Twin And Single Rooms
  • Full Continental Breakfast
  • Air Condition
  • Top Restaurant on Site
  • Launge Bar With Terrace
  • SPA Facilities

from € 85 per person

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