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If you have other plans for your accommodation, we offer you the opportunity to choose your own accommodation and we will gladly arrange it for you. Perfect weekend destinations like Tallinn can offer not only excellent attractions and activities for you to enjoy but also a range of accommodation options that will really complete your visit to Tallinn. One of the best ways to enjoy a wonderful weekend in Tallinn is by availing any of the accommodation packages we have selected for you. But if you found other options to make your stay in the city more convenient for you and your group, we are ready to accommodate your requests and arrange everything between you and your choice of accommodation.

We can guarantee that for a good value price, you are sure to enjoy lots of hotel perks and privileges that are often exclusive to the weekend package we offer our clients. So in order for you to find an accommodation that comes with various perks and privileges, you need to be very clear with what you are expecting from your accommodation based on your weekend itineraries. Just let us know about your plans and we will be more than willing to arrange everything for you.

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