Golf Course In Tallinn

We are aware of the fact that the average groups visiting Tallinn are not exactly groomed like Tiger Woods. Because of this, we have decide to choose professional 18-  hole golf courses since we believe that these are ideal not only for beginners but for intermediate players as well. 

Experience the unspoken thrill of playing 18 holes of golf on one of the top golf courses in Tallinn. For newbies, this may look very challenging but this is an exciting course that   will give you the determination to show that perfect swing you have been practicing. For experienced players, this provides them with an excellent practice course to train their skills while having the best weekend at the same time. 

Come and take pleasure in the natural splendor of Estonian panorama and enjoy a feast offered by the best restaurant in the area with its spectacular views. Allow us to   organize your event here and give us the opportunity to let you enjoy and experience   the high level of excitement in the tranquil environment while testing your skills on the golf course!


  • Golf Course Rental
  • Equipment
  • Refreshments


2.5 Hours


No Previouse Experience Needed


Close To Tallinn City

from € 60 per person

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