High Ropes Course

Do you want to prove to your friends how strong and good you are in climbing. Include the High Ropes Course in your weekend activities because this is the perfect activity to do just that. This outdoor daytime activity is not for the faint hearted but since you and your friends are actually celebrating your weekend right here in Tallinn, it means you have brave hearts!

The High Ropes Course will test both your climbing and swinging abilities and make sure your fear of heights will not get over you. You will be high up in the tress and must complete a series of climbing and swinging obstacles to fully complete the course.

Experience a climbing challenge you have never experienced before. Conquer the adrenaline pumping zip lines and rope bridges, climb up the unstable rope ladders and enjoy a whole lot more and test where your limits are. Enjoy the one of a kind thrill as you make your way and complete the High Ropes Course. Test your climbing abilities and start a small friendly competition with your buddies. The High Ropes Course is a wonderful way to warm up for an exciting tour of Tallinn’s best night spots later on.


  • 6 Tracks, 100 Obstacles
  • Safety Equipement
  • Professional Instructor
  • Instructions


4 Hrs


15 Minutes From Tallinn City Centre


April To September

from € 33 per person

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