Ice Skating

Visiting Tallinn even during winter season can still be as fun and electrifying if you know just the right activity to have when you get there. At Weekend In Tallinn we make sure that all the activities we offer to our guests will be as exciting and fun filled regardless of the season. The cold winter season must not stall your  weekend celebration and to make sure it does not happen, we have prepared something that will definitely warm up your frosty mood.

When it comes to winter sports location, Estonia may not be comparable to the Swiss Alps. But you don’t have to climb mountains to enjoy ice skating. This is one of the few sports that you can do even on indoors skating rinks. And for the newbies on Ice Skating, we have instructors that speak excellent English. After a few hours of brief training and safety instruction, we can guarantee that you will be skating and gliding on top of the ice with confidence! 

Book this activity with us and you will get full equipment rental and one hour pass. Include this in your list of activities in Tallinn and we will make sure that your weekend will be as exciting as you want it would even during winter season.


  • Ice Skates
  • One Hour Pass


1 Hour


No Previous Experience Required


Tallinn City Centre


All Year Round

from € 24 per person

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