Laser Tag

Experience firsthand a very thrilling, highly exciting interactive game that you can only experience in Tallinn’s state of the art entertainment center. Make sure to include our Laser Tag Experience in your list of weekend activities for your big day celebration and the enjoy the adventure of almost – real, computer – based games. There are plenty of themed games made available for you and your friends and all these are based on completing a series of themed related tasks and achievement of objectives and missions to get to the finishing point.

Laser is a realistic alternative for those who want to experience the thrill of playing paintball but are too afraid the actual pain of being hit. Our Laser Tag Experience is like paintball shooting but without the pain! 

But don’t get mistaken! It may be a computer based game but this still involves the adrenaline rush of a real combat game. The only advantage is that you don’t have to wear heavy protective clothing which will enable you to move more freely.


  • 2x 15 Min Laser Battle Games
  • Up To 18 People Per One Game
  • All Equipment
  • Safety Instructions


1 hour


Tallinn City Centre


All Year

from € 29 per person

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