Motorized Paintball

Book our Motorized Paintball activity on your weekend in Tallinn and we will prepare something so spectacular for you that will make you asking for more! No words can describe the thrill and excitement of this Mad Max style paintball war which perhaps you never experienced before. Shoot paintballs with your friends while riding on a modified pick-up truck with mounted dual tank paintball gun while your friends make sure that they find the best hiding place in the shooting arena

Motorized Paintball is a fast growing outdoor activity in Tallinn that gives our guests the opportunity to experience one of a kind paintball shooting in Estonia. Other weekend locations have yet to offer this one of a kind field shooting experience where modified trucks mounted with huge paintball shooter roam around looking for its target. In all of Eastern Europe, the Motorized Paintball we offer at Weekend In Tallinn has the most exciting course that will test your own combat skills.

When you add a modified assault car with a team of shooters positioned on the roof, what you get is a drive - by paintball shooting like you never experienced before! And to make sure you have the ultimate paintball shooting experience, you will also have a tough Russian car ready to help you in the hunt!


  • A set of equipment (gun, protective clothing, mask, gloves)
  • 200 paintballs in the gun
  • Transfer to the venue and back (within Tallinn)
  • Welcome drink, water
  • Instructor
  • Cars to carry out the game


4 Hours


Extra Ammo Is Available On-Site


15 Minutes From Tallinn City Centre


All Year

from € 77 per person

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