Tandem Jump

If you want the ultimate adrenaline rush experience, book our Parachute Tandem Jump and include it in your list of the weekend activities. Not everyone are given the chance to jump from altitude so this makes it a once in a lifetime opportunity unless you are a professional sky diver.

This will be a tandem jump which means you will only use one parachute and will be harnessed with a professional and fully trained jumping instructor. There is nothing to fear here because this activity is done with the guidance of professionals so this is perfectly safe even for beginners. Before your scheduled jump, you will be briefed with safety instructions and everything you need to know so you can enjoy the thrill of jumping off a plane that is 4000 meters high up the sky.

Brace yourself for a minute of freefall and we guarantee you that this is one experience you will never forget!


  • Professional Instructor
  • All Equipement
  • 1 jump per person


3 hours


Try to avoid eating too much before the jump.


Close To Tallinn City


The activity is weather dependant, but can be arrange all year long.

from € 324 per person

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