White Water Rafting

Do you love taking part in water sports and experience the adrenaline rush it brings? If you want to have something totally different for your weekend in Tallinn, White Water Rafting is your thing. This is also a quick getaway from the stressful city life and you once you experience it, you will certainly come back for more.

If you are not scared of plenty of physical exertion and getting really, really wet, climb aboard one of the inflatable rafts with your friends and get ready for a white knuckle, adrenaline charged ride down the breathtaking rapids! At least once in your life, you really need to try this and make this one of the thrilling daytime activities for your Weekend in Tallinn.

This is your chance to explore some of Tallinn’s natural wonders while overcoming the dangers of riding the rapids. White water rafting on the most dangerous water tributary in Estonian is one of the most awe-inspiring ways to experience huge volume of adrenaline rush you never felt before. After riding the rapids, enjoy time with your friends and let your adrenaline simmer down.

Book this activity now and make your weekend in Tallinn the most exciting and fun filled experience of your life.


  • Raft Hire
  • All Equipment
  • 3 - 4 hours rafting


3-4 hours


Bring Some Dry Clothes


15 km Out Of Tallinn


May To September

from € 36 per person

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