Canoeing Adventure

Book our Canoeing Experience activity and enjoy a two hour trip down the Beaulieu River Nature Reserve. This will give you the chance to paddle up the great river and explore its creeks and natural wonders while mastering your paddling skills. This is also your opportunity to have some fun and games with your friends along the way.

Kayaking in Tallinn is one of the most awe-inspiring ways to experience first hand the truly distinctive rock formations set deep inside of chasms that were cut and carved into Estonia's highland inclines and mountains. They present an impressive cluster of fresh pools, fast moving rapids and breathtaking waterfalls flowing via primeval glacier built rock channels. 

This daytime outdoor activity transpires in river gorges of unadulterated beauty, composed of a collection of magnificent waterfalls, really clear pools and stunning rock pathways, cut and shaped by the sheer power of the water current for more than millions of years. Because of Estonia's fantastic climate and geographical location, it is an excellent spot for first-timers and even experienced buddies to enjoy this adrenalin packed outdoor activity.

Our canoeing experience is your chance to start your weekend with adrenaline pumping action before you head out to the city and enjoy a night of booze and girls.


  • Life Jacket
  • Professional Instructor
  • Canoe Hire
  • 3-4 hours
  • Safety equipment


3- 4 hours




May to August

from € 69 per person

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