Demolition Derby

Make Tallinn your weekend destination and enjoy the opportunity of experiencing something more exciting than what you have anticipated for!

While in Tallinn, you do not have to spend your day watching a demolition derby because you can actually drive a real demolition derby car and smash your way through with other drivers. Once you are inside the car, there will be no holding back. This is indeed an extraordinary adventure that will be forever etched in your memory because Tallinn’s demolition derby is the ultimate group race you can be part of driving beat up and old Russian cars. Why stay on the sidelines when you can actually drive the derby car yourself and prove to the audience that you are not just a tourist!

This adrenaline pumping activity is inclusive of all the safety equipment you will need including a helmet. The Russian car you will use will be up and ready as prepared by experienced mechanics to make sure you will have the sturdiest vehicle on the derby.


  • transfers from the hotel and back
  • cars for the derby
  • English instructor
  • safety instructions
  • hire of the track
  • helmets
  • drinks
  • 1 car per 3 person
  • minimum 12 persons


3 hours


No Driver License Required


10 km Out Of Tallinn


All Year

from € 242 per person

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