Shooting As A Hobby

If you want to experience the real excitement of shooting guns, you need to shoot the real thing! Here at Weekend In Tallinn, we make sure that you will not fall short on exciting activities. For that, we have prepared something that will definitely get your adrenaline pumping.

On your weekend in Tallinn enjoy a good dose of adrenaline rush with our Shooting As A Hobby Experience. A bit of gun shooting will absolutely add a huge amount of thrill to your celebration so grab the opportunity where you can lay your hands on actual guns with real ammos. For men, there is something so rewarding about the experience of shooting real guns with live ammunition!

Test your shooting skills with our this activity and feel the power of real 9mm Glock 17, a .38 Special or a powerful Pump-Action shotgun! After a shooting game with your friends, the winner can celebrate his victory with a bottle of bubbly!

Book our Shooting Experience now and get the chance to shoot three different types of guns that include Glock 17, .38 Special, and Winchester Pump-Action Shotgun. Find out how powerful a .378 Special or get an adrenaline rush when shooting a powerful 9mm Glock 17 or the all time favorite Winchester Pump Action.


  • Experienced Instructor
  • Three Different Weapons
  • 15 Rounds In Total


2 hours


Bring Your ID


Tallinn City Centre


All Year

from € 71 per person

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