Shooting Is My Job

The Shooting Is My Job Package is a fun but safe way to test your firing skills using four different firearms models with the help of a professional instructor. All these are unique based on their type of ammo, level of firepower and shooting accuracy among others. 

After you experience the adrenaline rush from shooting live rounds from powerful handguns and rifles, we guarantee you that you will find it difficult to bring back your adrenaline to normal levels. And that goes the same way too for your friends! The experience of shooting real firearms loaded with live ammunition gives you the opportunity to also experience various shooting techniques used on different types of firearms. Every time you pull the trigger, hear the roaring bang and see the quick blinding flash of the muzzle followed by the burnt smell unique only to gun powder, you will definitely be going back to experience it over and over again!

Book this activity with us now and we will arrange everything you will need. Help yourself on authentic Glock 17 and feel the recoiling power of an AK – 47 or the shooting accuracy of Smith and Wesson. This package is limited to 28 rounds but this comes with all the safety equipment you will need.


  • English Speaking Instructor
  • 4 Different Guns
  • 32 Rounds each
  • Safety Equipement
  • Professional Instructor


1.5 Hrs


Additional rounds of bullets can be purchased on site.


Tallinn City Centre


All Year

from € 79 per person

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