Shooting Therapy

If you love action packed, adrenaline pumping activities like most of the weekenders that visit Tallinn, The Shooting Therapy package is without doubt the most perfect way of enjoying a huge amount of adrenaline without compromising your safety. Location for the firearms shooting is very favorable and the fact that you will be firing real guns loaded with live ammo makes it more enjoyable than ever!

We at Weekend In Tallinn believe in providing new shooters the highest level of training by limiting our Sniper Experience Days to a maximum of up to four participants only. This way, you will be able to spend a huge part of the day mastering the guns and shooting, instead of just standing in the corner while waiting for your turn to shoot. This is your perfect opportunity to actual fire real guns that are also the favorites of popular mobsters in the 20’s or high tech firearms often used in computer games like the AK – 47 or Glock 17.

Our Shooting Therapy will let you master your shooting reflexes. That one is guaranteed apart from giving you and your friends adrenaline pumping experience while enjoying the thrill of shooting a variety of real guns with live ammunition! 

This package is inclusive of use of different weapons, all the required safety equipment and a professional instructor.


  • Safety Equipement
  • Instructor
  • 8 Different Types Of Weapon
  • 61 Rounds In Total


1.5 Hrs


Additional rounds of bullets can be purchased on site.


Tallinn City Centre


All Year

from € 158 per person

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