Beer House Dinner

Are you planning to have an epic weekend in Tallinn with friends? If you’re planning one but don’t know where to start looking for activities in Tallinn, then you’re in luck! We have tons of things for you and your friends to do to make the most out of your weekend in Tallinn!

One of the first things anyone should book for their first night in Tallinn is a good meal at a place that the locals approve of and the tourists enjoy and there is nothing more comforting than some ice cold beer and heavy meal after a long day of traveling!

We highly recommend that you book a Beer House Dinner to get your Tallinn party weekend started on the right note! With a satisfied appetite and your thirst for good beer quenched, you are ready to celebrate your weekend in Tallinn and have the most fun anyone can have!

You’ll be thanking us for suggesting getting a Beer House Dinner before doing all that drinking and partying with everyone you meet on your first night in Tallinn!

Delicious hot meals are waiting for you and ice cold beer await you and your friends! So make sure to book yourselves a good Beer House Dinner on your weekend in Tallinn!

For more activities in Tallinn that will make you want to stay and never leave, ask us what else we can do for you and your friends and we’ll let you in on our Tallinn party weekend secrets!


  • Reserved Table
  • Best Traditional Estonian Meal
  • Starter
  • Main Course
  • One Beer Each


2 hours


Tallinn City Centre


All Year

from € 57 per person

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