Brewery Fiesta

Who does not enjoy a good, well – brewed beer especially when you are in a foreign place? While you are in Tallinn for the weekend, make sure to include Beer House Brewery Fiesta in your list of activities. This is a rare opportunity to enjoy a visit to one of the best breweries and see for yourself how the magic begins. After your visit, you will not only be an expert in drinking beer but you will also know the history behind the unique brewing techniques in Tallinn.

Book this activity for your party and we will gladly arrange a tour of the local brewery and provide you the chance to taste up to seven different kinds of beers. Unlike others, our Beer House Brewery Fiesta is not your ordinary brewery tour. This will give you the chance to check out the exclusive beer house located in the center of Tallinn’s Old Town. If you don’t know it yet, this brewery is the only one of its kind in Estonia that produces “living beer” and make it a one of kind brew using traditional Austrian recipe.

If you enjoy your beer so much and you want to have a firsthand experience on how some of the best and finely brewed beers are made, this is your chance to pump up your beer knowledge databank!


  • 6 Beers Per Person!!!
  • Awesome Atmosphere
  • Live entertainment
  • Brewery visit


As long as you want


Try to come out sober :)


Tallinn Old Town


All Year Round

from € 41 per person

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