Dinner On A Woman

Have you ever tried having your dinner off the body of a gorgeous, sexy woman? Our Dinner On A Gorgeous Woman activity is the dining experience of a lifetime you should not miss! Start your evening at one of the finest, medieval restaurants in Tallinn and warm up with welcome schnapps to set your mood for the evening. What happens next will definitely blow off your imagination.

You will be lead to a reserved table where a tasty dinner is served on the body of a dazzling and beautiful Estonian model. Stretched out on top of the table before your eyes, this lovely lady will make sure that your mind will not be on the food all the time! As delicate as an elegant china plate, eating your dinner off the body of a gorgeous naked model is definitely more than enough to set the mood for the evening. But just like with any other scrumptious meal, you are going to make sure you lick her body clean just like you would with your plate.

This kind of thing may only happen on your imagination. However, we are here to organize everything for you and make sure that your wild imagination will come true. When in Tallinn, do not forget to try the most erotic and exotic dinner experiences that will change your views about traditional dining in Estonia.


  • Sushi Served On A Model
  • One Beer Per Person
  • Venue Hire


2 Hrs


Tallinn City Centre


All Year Round

from € 98 per person

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