Night Club VIP Entry

For the best, most memorable night out in Tallinn, we have prepared something for you that is simply the best option for a perfect eekend. We will arrange a VIP entry for you and your group to one of the best night clubs in the city. There is no need for you to wait in line because as soon as you give your name at the entrance, you will be ushered in like the true VIP you are. With a no – queue, VIP access to the best night club in Tallinn, you will definitely have a good start for your weekend.

It is a known fact that Tallinn is one of the fast growing destinations for the weekends away because of its range of night time activities and wonderful selection of food and booze. Allow us to make your experience truly remarkable with unrestricted nightclub entrance where you can all have the best time of your lives. Take advantage of Tallinn’s most vibrant night life. This will not be one of the charming cities in Estonia for nothing. With a wide array of pubs, resto bars, strip clubs and night clubs among other evening hang outs in the area, you will never run out of option to choose from to make your weekend in Tallinn as perfect as you hope it would be.


  • Nightclub Arranged Entrance
  • Great Atmosphere


Till the sun rises!


Do not come too drunk to do not be turned.


Tallinn City Centre


All Year Round

from € 24 per person

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