Ultimate Demolition Weekend

You may have watched a demolition derby and witnessed how drivers smashed their cars with another but have you ever wondered how it feels like to be the one driving the demolition derby car? We make sure that this will definitely be the ultimate deal for you and your friends once your stag weekend commences.

In order for you to have the ultimate stag weekend you can only dream about, we have arranged the most exciting night out of your life with the help of our lovely and equally hot female guides. You can enjoy no-queue lap dance entry and visit the best night clubs in the city. And to make sure we get your adrenaline pumping all night, we also arranged to have you on a demolition derby as one of its participants. It may look like a video game to you but once you are inside your car, there will be no holding back. In this game, there are no rules and it will not only be your car that will let out some steam. Once your adrenaline starts pumping, you will definitely understand why we call this the Ultimate Demolition Weekend!

And for you to have a really wonderful stag weekend package, we have arranged the best hotel accommodation for you that will serve as your home away from home after a tiring but truly fun day.

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3 Days And 2 Nights


Add more activities if you ant to spend slightly more.

from € 337 per person

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