Motor Paintball Weekend

Enjoy a new stag weekend experience in Tallinn with our Motor Paintball Weekend. This is like a Mad Max style paintball war you never experienced before where you can shoot paintballs with your friends while riding on a modified pick-up truck with mounted huge, dual tank paintball gun.

This particular stag weekend activity in Tallinn is one of the most exciting, unique and original events offered in all of Eastern Europe and you definitely need to try it with your friends no matter what! If you know what is paintball or you have experienced playing with it before, the concept is relatively the same but with a twist!

Add a modified assault car on the mix with a team of shooters positioned on the roof and you get a drive - by paintball shooting like you never experienced before! And to make sure you have the ultimate paintball shooting experience, you will also have a tough Russian car ready to help you in the hunt!

This activity takes place in an old abandoned military base of the Russian Red Army. So if you love paintball match but you want to experience something a bit different while on your stag weekend in Tallinn, the Motor Paintball Weekend package we have designed will be perfect for you! Each modified assault car can accommodate up to four shooters including the driver.

Package Summary:


3 Days And 2 Nights


Add more activities if you ant to spend slightly more.

from € 160 per person

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