Paints And Party Weekend

Our Paints and Party Weekend Packages is an ideal activity perfect for bigger groups of stag weekenders. This type of activity is guaranteed to provide the best thrill you can ever experience during your stay in Tallinn. Experience half a day of action while running around the paintball camp and shoot up to two hundred paintballs with your mates. It will be ridiculous if you will not feel the thrill and excitement of a convincing but simulated battle with your friends.

This is adrenaline pumping activity will help set the moods of your mates for the much more exciting evening that awaits you! This action packed weekend package is designed to take care of all your needs by combining it with a centrally placed hotel accommodation option, exciting nightclubs and bars tour and of course, hassle – free entry to some of the great Gentlemen’s Clubs in the city!  In the morning, you can play hard and get down & dirty on the battle field. At night, make your way to the dance floor, meet some hot women, enjoy the best beers we have and relish the moment of your Ultimate Stag Weekend!

Book with us now and plan your stag weekend ahead. We guarantee that this will go down as the best stag weekend experience you had with your friends.

Package Summary:


3 Days And 2 Nights


Add more activities if you ant to spend slightly more.

from € 198 per person

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