Steaks And Strippers Weekend

Tallinn has a good number of popular steak restaurants that have really stood the test of time. Most of the local favourites in the area represent the real steak dining experience in Tallinn and have continued to establish repeat customers over the years. And for that, we want you to have the best steak dinner while you are with us. A wonderful steak dinner that will surprise your taste buds is just the beginning. We have a full night of adventure prepared for you and when you book this package, prepare yourself for three days and two nights of fun and excitement in Tallinn.

Book with us now and experience a gourmet steak dinner to jumpstart your stag weekend. A full tummy means full bars of energy that will keep you up for an exciting and fun filled night ahead. As men, we all understand that good food is one of the important parts of any stag night especially if you do not want to be the first one to fall asleep on your own stag party. Prepare yourself for a lot of booze later on and enjoy the best steak dinner you will ever have. Sink in your teeth into this beefy stag weekend package and make sure that your stag weekend will start with a bang. Enjoy the delightful company of strippers and see how the action will start to unpack before your very eyes.

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3 Days And 2 Nights


Add more activities if you ant to spend slightly more.

from € 170 per person

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