Party Bus Airport Transfer

If there are too many of you to fit in a mini-van or limousine, don’t worry, you will still be able to enjoy an exciting trip from the airport to your hotel. Why wait for the party to start in Tallinn, when it can start on your way from the airport. In order to book the party bus, there needs to be at least 8 of you and as part of the event there will be two strippers provided as well as bubly to get the party started. From the minute you have met up with your driver, you will really feel that the weekend has begun.

Even though there are 8 of you, there will be 1 bottle of bubbly provided and in case you run out, you will be able to use any of your own alcohol that has been brought on board. The stripper will provide you with a 15 minute strip show, while you are travelling to your hotel and it really is the perfect way to begin your weekend in Tallinn. It is only a one way transfer, although you could book it for the way back as well, and it is expected that it will take around 1 hour.


  • Party Bus Hire
  • Greeting Service
  • One Way Transfer (up to 1 hour)
  • 1 stripper
  • 1 Bubbly
  • Attention
  • Punctuality
  • Safety
  • Comfort


1.5 hours


Additional stripper is available for an extra cost.

from € 105 per person

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